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Final Project

Art: Maya Agassi  Copy: Dana Heinic and Gal Ravid

The subject of the final project of our course is on harassment of all kinds. The mission was to take familiar films and change their name and appearance,

in order to convey our message and protest against harassment.

Aviya's Summer

We took the poster of the movie Aviya's Summer and turned it into a movie about sexual harassment and rape.

The main point of the poster was a protest against the rape of women and girls as part of culture and everyday life. In "Credits," you can see the astonishing reactions of the people, the blaming of the victim and the contempt for the seriousness of these acts.

הקיץ של א.jpg

Someone to Run With

We took the poster of the movie Someone to Run With and turned it into a movie about domestic violence and murder of women.

We changed the name of the film to Someone to Run From, as a protest against the murder of women by their spouses. Since 2011, 165 women have been murdered in the State of Israel, of which 79 have been murdered by a husband or spouse. As a protest against domestic violence we wrote in the "credits" of the poster shocking data on women who have been murdered in recent years .

מישהו לרוץ ממנו.jpg
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